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Kirsty Woolley

Mortgage & Equity Release Adviser

Kirsty Woolley


Kirsty is a busy working Mum to two boys Brooklyn & Mason who she dotes on.

 When Kirsty finds time out of her busy schedule she enjoys socialising with friends and family, football and days out with the children. “I love a glass of wine or Champagne on special occasions, who doesn’t, maybe I should blame my parents raising me in pubs!! My partner got me into the football lark, I even went on to obtain my FA level one coaches course and coached my Son’s local football team, who are kindly sponsored by IFS. I thoroughly like to watch my home team AFC Bournemouth to whom I’m actually a proud Product Ambassador for – interesting fact! Days out with the kids are great fun for all, just keep me away from the spiders at LegoLand!”

Kirsty started her work life journey joining the Royal Navy which she was inspired to do from her Dad’s influence, “I loved the challenge and physical aspects of military training”. On leaving she decided to join a local bus company where she drove buses for 5 years, “I had only been driving a car for a year, I do love a challenge and I thought why not give it a go!”

Financial services was the next career move for Kirsty, after working alongside a busy Financial Adviser and loving the challenge and the rewards of helping people onto the property ladder she decided this was where she wanted to settle. After lots of studies around her busy life bringing up the children and keeping up the home, she qualified as a Mortgage Adviser and after a year break went onto qualify for Equity Release, this is where Kirsty’s passion lies, “I’m a very social person, but I’m also a very caring person and Lifetime Mortgages are not something to be taken lightly. Giving good advice and talking to my clients and their family about their options is something I do like I’m doing it with my own family. Our more vulnerable clients need Adviser’s with the right morals and values this is something I pride myself on.”