Wealth enhancement?

Having money to invest is a nice position to be in, however this does not come without its own dilemmas!

Having an adviser who you trust with your money is the first hurdle if you like. At IFS we pride ourselves on building our client relationships and expectations.

We think one of the most important aspects of investment advice is listening to YOU and what your ideal outcome looks like. What your short, mid, and long-term financial goals are. Put this with the risk you are willing to undertake, we can match you with the advice best placed to meet your main objectives, providing you with the best outcome for your needs and requirements.

Please see our charging structure, titled What We Charge, for information on our charges.

Our qualified Advisors can help you :- 

Free initial consultation

Understanding your needs

Straightforward solutions

Consider tax efficiency

Continually reviewed

Delivering value for money and the right solutions for the consumer

Want an investment review?

No problem!   

For a complete review of all the options available, contact our industry qualified Advisors and make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to invest for your future retirement or it’s time to assess your past savings and provisions, our qualified Advisers can help you to make the important decisions for your financial future.