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Marcus Woolley

Company Director, Certified Financial Adviser

Marcus Woolley


Sport has always been my earliest passion, I was a half-decent footballer growing up.

Having served a two year football apprenticeship with my local club AFC Bournemouth upon leaving school, I continued and went on to have a successful non-league career, building many friendships along the way that I still count myself fortunate to maintain to this day.

Nowadays, my activities are a little less frenetic, restricted to a couple of runs a week, as well as a kick-about with my teenage Son, who is developing into a tidy little player himself. I look forward to his continued development, intrigued to the path he’ll take.

I also have an amazing daughter, goes without saying I am extremely proud of her also, particularly the way she has built her own business over the last couple of years, and I’m sure will continue to grow and prosper. I again look forward to seeing this develop further. 

Business wise, I love running the business. I have a fantastic, dedicated Team that I’m privileged to work together with, along with loyal Client’s amassed over too many years now, many of whom I personally describe as friend’s. 

The future is so exciting at IFS, come join us on our journey.